Gift Ideas

Wine Stoppers

Wine Stoppers

Dymondwood (Pictured)

natural woods available


Maple Finger Tops

small 1 1/2 inches in diameter

large 2 inches

Tops spin on either end.

Finger Tops

Throw Tops

Throw Tops

Dymondwood includes protective bag and complete throwing instructions

Fan Pulls

Dymondwood and Natural Woods

both acrylic resin impregnated

Fan Pulls
Drop Spindles

Drop Spindles

30-70 grams

Corean, Pink Ivory, and Holly.

other woods and weights available

More Drop Spindles "Whorl-Holly" 3" diameter




Door / Drawer Pulls

Dymond and Natural woods

Drawer / Door Pulls
Lamp Finials

Lamp Shade Finials

Dymond and Natural Woods available


Creative Woodturning


Jack Rogers

(256) 881-6703

Cell (256)656-2762


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Updated 6/27/07
By: Jack Rogers